You really do need a plan

As do many agencies and marketing companies, we get calls all the time for businesses that ‘need a brochure’ or ‘want to send out a postcard or e-newsletter.’ That’s great that these businesses are even thinking about marketing their businesses. However, it is so important that businesses have a marketing plan in place before spending any marketing dollars. By not having a plan, not only are you doing an injustice to the business you are also doing an injustice to the entire marketing industry. You probably won’t see results and you’ll become disgruntled with marketing in general.

The way marketing works best is to have a strategic business plan and then follow that plan up with a marketing plan that outlines exactly how marketing efforts will help you achieve your business goals. Your marketing plan may or may not include a brochure. It may not include doing an e-newsletter. There are a ton of variables that we have to look at before determining what’s a fit for your business. Some of those include your target market, demographics, historical data, competitions, etc.

All this aside, the key point is that in order for any business to really see a return on every marketing dollar spent, a plan should be in place. This plan should have buy-in from everyone on the team and it should be revisited every few months. It’s fluid and may require adjustments but the important thing is that there is a plan and all of your marketing efforts are moving together in a unified and consistent fashion. If done correctly, it works!