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Allies for Good

Our passion for working with nonprofits led us to Together SC and our collective passion for making the world a better place has kept us together. Together SC is the state’s premier organization focused on supporting and strengthening the Palmetto State’s nonprofit sector through education, advocacy, networking and leadership. We absolutely love supporting their mission.

An Epic Rebrand

After a decade of being known as the South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations (yes, that’s a mouth full), TRIO helped rebrand SC’s leading nonprofit association. During the organization’s annual conference, “Together SC” was introduced to more than 700 nonprofit leaders as the new brand identity. This project goes down as one of our top achievements and we’re happy to share more with anyone interested in rebranding.

New Year New Logo

Each year, our team manages, creates and coordinates the communication and promotions surrounding the South Carolina Nonprofit Summit. And each year, we are challenged to create a fresh, creative design. Our mission? To keep the communication consistent with the year’s theme and ensure that every year is better than the last. As a way to give props to the host city, the Summit logo is updated to reflect the skyline or significant landmarks.

Allies for Good
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“Jessica and her entire team give you everything they’ve got. They are always there for you. Totally patient and positive, with the most can-do attitude I have ever seen.”

– Madeleine McGee, President of Together SC

Providing Valuable Resources

Since its inception more than 10 years ago, TRIO has collaborated with Together SC on its popular publication, “Guiding Principles and Best Practices”. Notably, TRIO’s president serves on the editorial board, overseeing the marketing and communications section of this valuable resource for nonprofit leaders. Interested in learning more? Visit to download the full publication.