Blueprints Conference

For Healthy Youth Development

The Blueprints Conference was started with a simple idea: bring together policymakers, developers and practitioners of evidence-based programs to foster collaboration, education and networking. To date, this bi-annual conference has welcomed thousands of attendees all over the country – and we have been fortunate enough to be a part of this worthwhile event from the very beginning.

Networking to Make a Difference

Every other year, our team is responsible for planning the Blueprints Conference, including creating the communication plan and collateral that coincides with the conference’s theme. Our goal is to demonstrate the high caliber of the Blueprints programs and encourage policymakers, developers and practitioners to continue to evolve their own programs.

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“TRIO works zealously to make each conference one of the nation’s premier events. Whether they are dealing with contractual negotiations, marketing, web and graphic design, or managing the day-to-day and on-site event logistics, they ensure a successful event.”

– Sharon Mihalic, Director of Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development Initiative

A Bright Future

As the Blueprints Conference attendees continue to draw inspiration for how to evolve programs benefitting at-risk youth, we were inspired to evolve our own approach. By creating a new website and mobile app for the 2016 conference, we were able to further launch the event into the digital arena and reach more people than ever before.