Meet our people.

These are the creative minds that make it all happen.

Jessica Munday
Jessica Munday
  • Fearless TRIO leader
  • Life motto: “Never, ever give up!”
  • Spreads joy wherever she goes
  • Mom to 3 beautiful children
Jenny Dennis
Jenny Dennis
COO & Chief Creative Officer
  • Office commander of awesomeness
  • Disnerd
  • Inkjoy® writer
  • Margarita connoisseur
Mark Emerson
Mark Emerson
Director of Digital Services
  • Post-it® junkie
  • Wave slider
  • Jazz basketball & rock music
  • Life motto: "Measure twice, cut once."
Abbie Linnerud
Abbie Linnerud
Director of Client Services
  • Doting dog mom
  • Lover of lists
  • Marketer by day, musician by night
  • Life motto: "Wherever you are, be all there."
Lucy Spears
Lucy Spears
Director of Operations
  • Team mom
  • Closet artist and jewelry designer
  • Dragon boat warrior
  • "Life goes better with red wine, dark chocolate and great music"
Olivia Plyler
Olivia Plyler
Jr. Account Manager
  • Clemson Tiger Enthusiast
  • Spotify Playlist Curator
  • If lost, check the beach.
  • “Can I pet your dog?”
Pat Eardley
Pat Eardley
Human Resources Manager
  • Chief cheerleader
  • Gadget girl
  • Interior designer wanna-be
  • Crazy cat lady
Donna Bailey
Donna Bailey
  • Coffee connoisseur
  • Numbers guru
  • Life motto: "Finish well!"
  • Mount Pleasant native
Caroline Kredensor
Caroline Kredensor
Digital Marketing Assistant
  • World traveler
  • Marketing devotee
  • Diet Coke in lieu of morning coffee
  • Probably listening to a podcast
Chris Harmon
Chris Harmon
Graphic Designer
  • Sci-fi nerd
  • Popcorn lover
  • Caffeine junkie
  • Thinks everything tastes better cooked over a campfire
Kevin Sninsky
Kevin Sninsky
  • Habitual moviegoer
  • Mountain man
  • Backpack enthusiast
  • Lover of all things paranormal
Marketing Impact Assistant
  • Friend to all nonprofits
  • Marketing megastar
  • Mixes a mean mojito
  • Life Motto: Make it happen!
Resident Ewok
  • Tiniest Jedi master
  • Office “vacuum cleaner”
  • Mischievous mastermind
  • Life motto: “Catch me if you can!”

Who We Are

  • Co-workers, who are more like family.

    Our mission, vision and philosophy drive everything that we create, develop and produce. Just ask any of our clients. We're pretty sure they would agree.

  • The reason why we exist.

    We are a creative, client-focused marketing communications agency specializing in creating solutions that build awareness and strengthen brands.

  • The reason why our clients love us.

    We deliver services that exceed client expectations and reflect creative excellence.

  • Our philosophy in work, and in life.

    Work hard. Enjoy life. Make a difference.