Jessica Munday
Jessica Munday
President & Creative Director
  • Fearless leader of Trio
  • Motto is “Never give up”
  • Spreads joy wherever she goes
  • Spends her spare time loving on her three beautiful children
Jen Cherock
Jennifer Cherock
Vice President & Account Manager
  • Professional problem-solver and do-gooder
  • Trio team counselor
  • Wanderlust enthusiast
  • Fun patrol director
  • Proud mom to son, Liam, and Trio’s office greeter, our sweet Lucy
Mark Emerson
Mark Emerson
Director of Digital Marketing
  • Post-it® junkie
  • Wave slider
  • Jazz basketball / rock music
  • Measure twice, cut once
Caitlin Ramsey
Caitlin Ramsey
Senior Account Manager
  • World-traveler
  • Fitness fanatic
  • Live music lover
  • Expert at knowing what our clients need before they do
Alison Best
Alison Best
Art Director
  • Creative to the core
  • Proud Auburn Alum (War Eagle, Hey!)
  • Beach & baseball addict
  • Francophile
Laurel Welch
Laurel Welch
Graphic Designer
  • Diverse designer
  • Music critic
  • Resident vegan
  • Runner of local bridges
Katie Ecrement
Katie Ecrement
Content & Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Harry Potter super fan
  • Left-handed girl living in a right-handed world
  • Pencil aficionado
  • Life motto: "less is more"
Office Greeter & Mascot
  • 10-year-old pup who has been with Trio her whole life
  • Mix of sugar and spice and (mostly) everything nice
  • Has 38,589,293 best friends and counting…
  • Liam’s big sister
Cousin Digger
Office Greeter in Training
  • Favorite pastime: lounging
  • Will work for treats
  • Has strong affinity for socks
  • Also responds to "Cuz" and "Digs"